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The best erotic massage in Bucharest

The erotic massage is a language without words, It is time outside the time, A song that sings a celebration, A caress, A touch of body and soul,

A reconnection to your inner self, A dance of energies, A dance of love.


Why Tao
We warm-heartedly invite you to experience our exquisite selection of tantra  massages. We offer the body to body option for all of our massages so why not let yourself be spoiled by the bodies of our young and professional masseuses that long to share you their secrets?
Where is Tao
Our salon is located at a 2 minute walking distance from the Radisson Blue Hotel, next to the Max Mara shop, on the same sidewalk, on the first floor where you can see our red banner with TAO MASSAGE pointing to courtyard 85. At the right side entrance dial C003 and walk up to the first floor.
Regardless of the choice of masseuse, the two or four hands option or the type of massage, the experience is unique and it may enrich you. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and refined sensuality, authentic tradition and the welcoming  atmosphere of our beautiful sanctuary!

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The most sensual experience

In our 14 years of experience, we have learned that there is no standard for a most sensual experience. Every person is different and that is why the tantra massage session at TAO salon depends on your personal needs.
The most sensual massage experience depends on circumstances such as:
1.The ability of the masseuse to connect with the flowing energy of the universe.
2. The capacity of the guest to relax and receive.
3. The alchemy between the one who offers the massage and the one who receives it.
4. The expectations of the guest and his principles on sensuality and Tantra massage.
5. The personal experience of the masseuse.
6. The ability of the masseuse to empathize with the guest and modulate his energy.

What is Tantra

Tantra is a system that includes ancient techniques and concepts regarding not only sexuality, but also the existence of the human being as a whole. Tantra is a revolutionary approach on life (for those who understand and practice it). The self-discipline or refraining required gives in exchange an intensity of experiences and a conscious ability which goes beyond the ordinary. Therefore, tantric practices teach you how to fully accept yourself, including your own sexuality, in a harmonious manner.
Nowadays, the sexual energy is either neglected, held back, inhibited or considered to be a taboo, a shameful experience or, in extreme cases, a practice leading to perversity. In the modern age, man can discover that the more attention he pays to his own erotic energy, the deeper he can comprehend it. Harnessing and controlling the sexual energy represents a new source of magic, ecstasy, health and longevity and is also a wonderful way to offer and receive love.

What Our Clients Say

  • I decided to write to you because I wanted to thank Adele first and her sister Aelita.I was impressed by their kindness and beauty and their good spirit ,also.Funny is that I was looking for some sexual services,why not, cause I heard in Romania is an open field to erotic massage parlors , and here I am still amased by what I felt during this kind of massage, tantric they say.They explained to me from the start that they work with my sexual energy and that they will clear my energetical channels though massage,sounded interesting ,so I tried ,cause I liked them, very intelligent looking and selfconfident.I took 4 hands option , then I found out they are sisters.The thing is that indeed they were very profesional but in a very soft way, good sense and very funny.I had the most incredibile massage if I can call it massage.It was more an experience,they told me about tantra, some techniques about some problems I had with my erection.They made this in a very intimate way, like they were my friends for years.I felt very close to my soul, very apreciated, in a word, I was flying , still now.This parlor it was my fourth to try and didn' felt like this at all in the others I tried, even if I expected more from the other 3 I tried before. Thank you again,girls.


  • I took 2 hours massage, 4 hands and I was impressed by their symphony massage of these 2 girls. It was a great massage,very sensitive and refined girls, unique I can say.Thank you.


  • I remember this TAO experience massage from last year in august when I was to Bucharest, still now.I remember that cute girl, petite and very sexy also,sweet, not a name but if I close my eyes I still remember her hands all over me.I found this place 3 hours before my flight.Can”t say when my one hour passed and I said I could do my last half an hour more.I could stay all night.I felt almost not going, all my body was crying to stay more.I reached the aerport and all my body was trembling, I sit there in the chair while I took off and I start dreaming about that touches and the way my body reacted,like never.I fell asleep and I could hear a voice saying welcome to Bucharest?! I think it was a miracle, after, I found out that there were some problems with the aerplane and they had to turn back to Bucharest and stay over night back to Bucharest to fix the problem.I was so happy! I went back to Raddisson and then I called again for an appointment.God, I took 3 hour massage that night and in the afternoon another 3 before my again flight.This happend like somebody upthere listened to my desires...I cound not forget this experience to this Tao massage...incredible even for me.