An authentic and complete experience involving all of your senses, your physical body, your heart, your mind and last but not least, your soul.The massage combines very precise techniques of relaxation, stress relief and high class sensuality.There may appear moments of rest when you dive in a peace of mind. All of the session is marked by tender touches that melt your heart, refined caresses and luscious oriental maneuvers. Our most requested type of massage, no doubt about it, involves the use of oil (aromatic by choice) and lasts for 60 min/session minimum.


Tantra is referred to as being a path of ecstasy, a spiritual way based on the mystical experiences of playfulness rather than dogmas, as some might wrongly consider. Tantra teachers support life as a whole and guide you to discover the divine spark inside the human being. The practices involve all of the senses, as well as the mind and soul, in order to reach exceptional mystical experiences. In Tantra, the erotic act becomes sacred, a genuine act of worship; it is a gift of life. The Tantric arts are a praise to the erotic game. Erotic massage is amongst these arts.
Tantra does not confine to sexuality. Tantra is the liason between sexuality and spirituality.
In order to understand it and then wisely practice it, open-mindedness, intelligence and courage are required.