As they say, four hands are better than two, as they create a more intense symphony of energies. This is the type of massage for those who love to be spoiled in the true sense. This type of massage indulges your tactil sense and it is based on refined and seductive caresses that pleasure all of your body, including your intimate area. Also, this type of massage includes elements of deep tissue techniques of relaxation that are meant to relieve you from the daily stress.The masseuses use their hands, nails, breasts, hair and body to body massage.The length of a session is 60 minutes minimum.


The four hands symphony uses the principle of syncronized movements, which means that the masseuses are using massage techniques at the same time all over your body, covering all its parts simultaneously.This creates a double pleasure and a more powerful impact on the alchemy between the 3 types of energies of the persons involved: you and the two masseuses.
Please keep in mind that it is very important for you to relax completely and allow the two masseuses to complete their work and to be able to offer you one of the most pleasant moments for you to remember.
SONY DSCYou can also tell the masseuses what you are experiencing during the massage or what ever you feel like expressing.They are well trained and if they encounter energy blocks of any type: emotional or physical, they can try and help soothen your experience.