Tantra is a spiritual practice based on sexual energy. Long reserved for specialists, nowadays it is more and more practiced. An easy way of learning about Tantra principles is Tantra massage.

Tantra massage, touch and emotions

The importance of touch is renowned for its healing, therapeutic effects. Tantra massage is not intended to cure pathologies in the medical sense of the term. All emotions and sensations that we have not been able to fully express have been repressed in our body and our subconscious. However, the repression of our emotions considered negative or inferior (emotions like anger, sadness, shame, fear) causes dissociations between our thoughts (mind), our emotions / feelings (heart), our feelings and our instincts (sex).

Through touch, Tantra massage allows a unification of the emotional level as those of the heart and the soul. The unification of our contradictions passes by the re-expression and the rehabilitation of all that has been repressed. By allowing one to go beyond shame and guilt, Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with love and unconditional acceptance of oneself and one’s own body.

The energy from our body

This is the reason why Tantra massage invites the person receiving a Tantra massage to connect to his / her energies in order to spread them throughout his / her body. The circulation of this current of energy favors the fluidification of all “dead spaces” inscribed in the body, allowing the memories of the body to integrate smoothly and release their energy.

Tantra massage is a gentle, delicate massage where the body is invited to relax its tensions, to surrender, to deliver what he has to say. Tantra massage means a powerful healing energy by facilitating the re-expression of what was frozen in us and allowing to connect all our energies in a true axis sex-heart-spirit. Tantra massage is a connection, the alignment of all these energies, that brings unity and the state of peace.

Sexual energy

Tantra has this unique specificity of viewing the body as intrinsically spiritual. The body is therefore not an obstacle to spirituality, nor even a path to spirituality. The body is spiritual. And if our body is spiritual, so is the most vital energy circulating in us, the sexual energy. Sexuality is not the opposite pole of spirituality but is sacred in itself, since it is part of us.

Sexuality is one of the privileged areas of expression of neuroses, but it is difficult to live it in a sacred way. To repress it or to deny it is not a solution. To cut oneself off from one’s sexuality is to cut oneself off from the life drive par excellence.

By connecting to the sexual energy, Tantra massage allows the person receiving the massage to reclaim these areas often overlooked and rehabilitate them, so as to find a relationship to the body and sexuality that is healthy, natural and happy.

Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with yourself, to regain self-awareness through a spiritual experience encompassing the body dimension.