With a total surface of one and a half meters to two meters, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It accounts for about one-sixth of body weight and impresses with its diversity.

The skin protects the body from harmful external influences, such as extreme temperatures and drought, as well as pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Specific nerve receptors allow the perception of pain, heat, cold and pressure. The skin plays a role in regulating temperature, protecting against ultraviolet rays and producing vitamin D.

The skin, memory of our emotions

Whether it blushes in front of a compliment or vibrates under the caress, our epidermis seems to express all that we can not say with words. A complex language that we are just beginning to decipher.

Hot, cold, pain, softness, the skin feels everything, absorbs everything, captures everything. To deliver the message to our brain. But of all this information, it is the caresses it prefers. With their five million sensory cells, the two square meters of skin that separate us from the outside world are a huge sensation receiver. The skin is the most important organ in humans. Each sensation corresponds to a human message fundamental. And the first of these messages is love.

Love is born from contact

Love is born of contact. Toddlers feel that way, looking to be hugged and cuddled all the time. That’s why it is recommended to massage them. Experiments have shown that this practice reduces the time of hospitalization of premature infants, improves their motor coordination as well as their attention to things. In full-term babies, the relaxing effect of massage eases sleep.

A practice that adults can adopt for their personal pleasure. What’s more sensual than discovering the skin of the other? In the game of seduction, if the desire passes by the sight and the voice, it is concretized with tingling of skin. Touch is then a form of appropriation, a means of knowledge and recognition of the other.

One of the most pleasurable parts of sexual intimacy is the experience of touching and being touched all over

Offering the other a velvet skin is an element of undeniable seduction. Especially since the pulp of the fingers counts more than 250 receptors per square centimeter. This makes the hands particularly sensitive to the appreciation of what they touch.

Skin and Tantra massage

Each body is sensitive to different stimuli; Tantra recommends stimulation of the throat, mouth, ears, chest, nipples, hands, navel, clitoris, G point, buttocks, leg area, including toes. At a Tantra massage session you have time to discover yourself, without being interrupted, and enjoy yourself with your own pleasure, being guided by a professional masseuse specialized in the art of Tantra. The masseuse will help you discover every portion of your body until you feel it as a unit.

Humans need touch not only to survive, but to thrive. Touch can have psychological effects of helping people to feel loved, happy, accepted, calm or reassured. Touch can also have biological effects, such as helping to promote the release of oxytocin (which has often been referred to as the “bonding hormone” or the “cuddle hormone”).

In reality, the largest sexual organ of the human being is the skin. In this, there are some particularly sensitive areas, as nerve endings that react to any type of stimulus (kissing, mild biting, pressure, friction). Tantra massage helps the body to get rid of the barriers and have no constraints, so that the hole body to become erogenous.

With Tantra massage, the client can have the experience of trust and physical touch in the context of a controlled respectful relationship and the Tantra massage session can have a great therapeutic impact.