Seven smart tips to improve your erotic massage experience

Stepping out of our comfort zone is not an easy thing. For the unknown might push us towards our limits, it might make us feel like beginners. It might as well make us feel uncomfortable. We might look foolish and stupid in front of new and unexpected things and situations.

Yet, we cannot escape it

For the unknown is constantly appearing in our lives. No matter how much we try to take refuge in our daily routine, it is inescapable. Even if we try not to do new things, not to meet new people, the unknown is awaiting for us right on the next corner. For the main characteristic for life is its ever-changing flow.
When experienced for the first time, an erotic massage may be a challenging thing. Nevertheless, it has its good sides as well: it can point us out our own limits; it can help us overcome our own mindset; and it is always inviting to explore our deeper selves.
In order to help you take this revolutionary step, we would like to present you seven smart tips for a better and more fulfilling erotic massage experience:

Be positive!

Do not label as negative the things you do not know about yet. When weighting a situation or an event, use your own judgement and common sense. Try to have your own opinion, if possible, based on your own experience. Also, do not let gossips, hearsay, preconceptions and society tabus influence you. Before deciding if you like it or not, open your mind and try it first hand. You will be surprised how many times things might turn out to be good, even if you were told they are not.


Be curious!

If you make a habit of asking „Why?”, your mind and spirit will become accustomed to be open towards new things. Try to learn from all new situations. A curious and willing to learn attitude will help you adapt more easily. If your mind is always warning you that something might go wrong, counterattack and say: „What if everything goes perfectly?” Teach your mind to create and visualize the best outcome, even from a simple massage.


Ask questions!

You will be surprised how much people love to share from their wisdom or experience. Each time there is something you do not understand or want to understand better, ask questions. And if you ask these questions with the innocence and curiosity of a child, the other one will be completely moved. All needed answers will flow out without delay. An experienced masseur will be flattered to explain what she or he is doing, to let your massage experience be crowned with your mental satisfaction. For the brain needs stimulation as much as any other area of our body.


Go deeper!

During a massage session, you might get into an introspective mood. Do not stop. And whenever you feel like reaching your limits, just surrender. Allow yourself to go deeper. Explore your inner world. Your mind, you heart, your soul. Meditate on each one of them. You can do it during the massage session, and continue your introspections at home as well. It will help you relax and center. Thus you will be more in touch with your inner being, with the real You.

Use your sense of humour!

Humour is an all-powerful tool. Each time things are not going your way, find the power to laugh on them. Study what is needed from that situation, but do not let one not so pleasant experience take you down. Laughing brings a positive attitude and a good mood. So it is really worthy to give it a try.

Keep a playful mood!

When we take life too seriously, a heavy load of stress presses on our shoulders. But if we keep a playful attitude, as the children do, our life becomes an adventure. An entire world of possibilities opens in from of our eyes. We can explore ourselves and our surroundings as much as we want, and have fun too!


Spiritualise your experience!

Let your earthly experiences be the wings you need to fly in the realms of the spirit. Use them as powerful tools to go higher and higher. Give yourselves the gift of sacredness. For the way we look upon things, exactly in that way they will be for us. So, if we think that something, like an erotic massage for example, will enrich our spiritual life, the universe will find its way to answer our request.

So, next time you will have a challenging experience, will you chose to be open to whatever happens next? Will you stop worrying and actually enjoy the adventure of life?

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