Art of a Perfect Erotic Massage

A perfect erotic massage is just like a perfect lovemaking. It is a moment in time when two beings connect in a beautiful and ecstatic bond.
While experiencing a perfect erotic massage, the minutes are flying. And all you wish for, is for those hands to never leave your body…


Ideas about massage

While many people think a good massage means a good pressure, the art of perfect erotic massage teaches us something more.
It starts by telling us that everything is energy. Thought is energy. Feeling is energy. Touch is energy. Because all our actions have an electrical reflection in our brain, in the form of nervous impulses. And than these impulses create energy fields. From the more subtle, imperceivable fields, to the electric and electromagnetic fields around.

Many people think massage means only a direct pressure to the tissues. But a good erotic massage is like the blood, it runs the energy throughout your entire body. It might not take long. Nor does it need a lot of accessories. For once you understand what an erotic massage really needs, it is a matter of minutes that a rejuvenating sensation of renewed power comes along.

Ideas about perfection, about perfect massage

A perfect erotic massage it is not about one person doing all the work, while the other one experiences the pleasure. When you massage the other one in the way the art of perfect erotic massage teaches us, you begin to feel as good as the one receiving the actual massage does. But that would happen only when you truly connect with the other one and let the energies flow between your bodies.


But what precisely is the mechanism of working with energy?
How can we actually influence and affect positively the energetic fields in the other one’s body?

A trained sense of touch is the ability to sense with the hands what our eyes cannot see. Thus, by touching the person you are massaging, you can see much more than the anatomical chart would show you. As you develop your sense of touch to the degree that will allow you to work with the energy as well.
The effects of the energy work are unavoidable in a perfect massage. That is why the people involved have to prepare in order to channel it properly.
As without practical understanding of what does it means and involves to work with energy, many people will miss out the golden opportunity to experience bliss.

Ideas about pleasure…

A normal erotic massage can make one person experience the pleasure. It focuses on giving a sensual massage to the other one. It aims to the union of two bodies that brings the bliss only to the recipient. And it would end with the question: ”Din you enjoy it?”

But a perfect erotic massage has a higher and more noble target. As it aims to bring both people up to an ecstatic wave. A perfect erotic massage should end in silence, with no uttered words. For when both people are immersed in a blissful state, what else can be said?

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