What is Tao? Why Tao Massage?

This type of massage is destined for you if you want to experience a traditional chinese massage.The masseuse will use her hands, arms, elbows, legs, knees, combined with sensual moves using hair and breasts to pamper your whole body using acupressure – a classic technique that implies pressing energetical points located on your body, easing the blocked energy and thus making you feel waves of pleasure.
It also includes body to body erotic massage, to distribute the pleasant feeling not only in your physical body but in all of your being. Powder or lotion may be used for those allergic to oils. The duration is 60 min/session minimum, but you can extend on that, depending to other reservations that may follow. The prices for the erotic massage can be obtained by phone.

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How can Tao erotic massage help us to experience orgasm?
First of all the main condition is total relaxation. In any type of massage, a relaxation state is guaranteed. The second condition is the masseuse’s experience and we can assure you that all our girls know exactly the how’s, the do’s and the when’s. The third condition is your attitude: you should be very open, relaxed and willing to let loose in the masseuse’s hands. The massage does the rest.

The benefits of TAO erotic massage are:
– relaxation, joy, fulfillment;
– improvement in the future sexual experiences;
– good physical and mental health;
– unification of the body and mind, that will later reflect in your lovemaking;
– intensification of sensations that in time allows you to control your sexual energy and prolong the moments of happiness and fulfillment;
– transformation of sexual energy into spiritual energy, this being the ultimate goal of the Taoist erotic massage.
– a better control on your ejaculation.

What is TAO?

Tao is not a religion, nor a philosophy.

Tao is a way of life.

Tao is a River.

Tao is the natural order of things. It is a force that flows through every living being and every part of matter. Tao is understood as a unity underlying the opposites and diversity of the phenomenal world. Yin and Yang are the two energies or polarities in the individual human body. Balancing these energies is one of the goals of Tao. When Tao is in balance everything is possible.


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