A massage session reduces stress and gives you regenerative energy

Practiced regularly, Yoga massage improves flexibility in a significant manner, movement problems, gradually reducing long-standing pain. This massage covers the whole body. This gentle and progressive stretching sequence is very complex and can be considered as beneficial as a restorative yoga session. The massage session will become a genuine meditation that will help you improve your concentration by calming the restless mind.

What is Yoga Massage?

It is a form of sexual energy working massage. It appeared more than 2500 years ago in Buddhist temples, as a form of dynamic body therapy, based on yoga and Ayurveda practices. It is considered to be a spiritual practice realized with a meditative attitude. For both the masseuse and the receiver, the Yoga Massage is a sacred dance. The massage session involves a state of meditation in which the slow, deep stretches, inspired by yoga postures, are rhythmically applied along with the pressure on the Sen lines, the energy meridians of the body. The healing takes place in a state of attention, compassion and shared happiness, where the tensions are eliminated and the free flow of energy is resumed. The many benefits may include improved posture, joint mobility, energy circulation, detoxification, toning of internal organs, a sense of freedom and inner peace.

How does the massage is performed?

Traditionally, energy blockages are considered to cause pain and disease. This unique type of massage aims to restore the free circulation in the energy meridian system, Sen, through which the vital force of the body flows. The masseuse is using her fingers, hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure at important points of the energy lines, along with gentle stretching and applying Hatha Yoga posts to release the blocked energy and unlock the healing potential of the body, restoring balance and harmony.

While it can treat conditions such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulders and throat pain, premenstrual tension, massage is particularly effective for eliminating the numbness or sensation of losing control of body movements after a stroke, as well it can help relieve pain during labor. Carefully controlled breathing and slow, progressive stretching allow you to focus more deeply on stretching your muscles to relax. The massage session can improve flexibility, increase relaxation, revitalize and energize both body and mind. Massage involves a lot of stretching and deep compressions, which can sometimes be challenging, but never painful. It helps with the increase of flexibility of the body, invigorates and relaxes the body and promotes physical and mental well-being.

Yoga massage is a truly individual experience

It is practiced fully naked, with the use of massage oils. The masseuse will guide you carefully and take into account your physical and spiritual needs. A massage session eliminates stiffness after exercise, increases flexibility and range of motion, reduces cortisol to eliminate mental stress, promotes a feeling of deep relaxation, improves breathing, improves anxiety, improves posture, balances and corrects body postures, eliminates energy blockages and balances the mind, body and spirit.