Hey there, I am Stella and I write now for helping people understand better what tantric and erotic massages really are. Too much people go on thinking it has to do with sexual services and, for what a real massage means, this is not at all the truth. Everyone can have an extraordinary experience in a tantric salon for massages, for example, without having anything to do with sex.

I worked quit long in different salons in Bucharest where the offer was for tantric massages and this is what you really got there. There were good salons where the masseuses knew very well their job and didn’t need to get to something else in order to please their guests. The cover of offering erotic massages as to practice other kind of services just wasn’t their type and I was pleased to find this out. Because massages were what I wanted to do and the reason I wanted to be a part of those salons.

First of all, I think these types of massages, tantric and erotic, sensual ones are very valuable and to benefit from their effects worth all the effort, without searching for some surrogates. In our search for pleasure we may very well pass near valuable things and not even notice that what we were looking for stands there, next to us. This is part of the reason I decided to come up here and share my experiences as a masseuse in this very type of massage.
This kind of massage can be a very special and complex experience and there is no need to transform it in something it isn’t, just to catch as much attention and possible guests as you can. Guests will come, anyway, the more you are dedicated to the best massages you are doing there, the more guests will be attracted by your action and nothing else.

This is one thing I’ve learned since working in this field, people with same interests and desires will come according to what you offer and to what you believe in. And then, there is this sense of accumulating more data and useful information on the subject of tantra and erotic massage and people also willing to find out this will be just happy to receive your help. But another thing I have learned there is that you can also learn while you are teaching. Teaching others the mysteries of tantra well-applied in a session of erotic massage will help you understand better exactly these aspects. You go deeper in this knowledge just the moments you apply them with an open heart and mind. You learn more about massages, about people and their energies, about their responses and reactions to your moves and touches right in the moment you apply all this in the most concrete possible manner.

Here is where I discovered that the pleasure and excitement, the delight and enchantment you offer have an immediate response in your own being, just the same. There is much joy that you produce in a tantric or erotic massage and you are not left aside of it. Offering you offer to yourself, and the happiness, the joy and the peace you give to your guest enriches you as well.