The unifying concept of Tao and Tantra details

However, Tantra and Tao don’t only unite in purpose, but also have a common method.

The techniques described by both paths are numerous, but there is a common one important to our topic. It’s Latin name is coitus rezervatus, for it implies intercourse without ejaculation. This is a secret ancient practice of several spiritual paths across the globe and throughout history. Hence it’s becoming more and more known and practiced in our modern world today.


From the Tao and Tantra perspective, this method is perfect for reaching the highest purpose of self-development for it implies such self-control over the mind and body.

That orgasm is experienced without ejaculation! This is possible due to the fact the the cortical centers for ejaculation and orgasm are actually distinct, thus they are two individual physiological processes.

The practice of coitus rezervatus leads to the balancing of the yin-yang energies in the being of the practitioner. Therefore  as well as to the gradual and infinite expansion of the consciousness. Nevertheless, it has tremendous effects both physically and psychologically, boosting immunity and vitality. It will also boost  self-confidence, attention, will-power, happiness and quality of life, to say but a few.

Services and effects on our erotic massage in Bucharest

The services we provide here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest are meant to offer guidelines in the personal practice of coitus rezervatus, as well as being thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable.


Regular massage session will prove to have life-changing effects, especially if you continue to practice at home. Hence you must keep in mind also the breathing and focus techniques, or physical exercises. This can be also done if you let our masseuses to teach you.

The massage maneuvers we use are a combination of Tantra and Tao methods of harmonizing all the levels of the human being. This is done  in order to enable self-awareness and self-control, which can only happen in a profound state of relaxation. This is valid for both men and women, so you can come by yourself, together with your partner or each come separately, as you feel would work best for your relationship.

Come and join our erotic and powerful world!

It’s not worthing only know concept of Tao and Tantra, you must practice this, and our location is best suitable for you!