Tantric massage – the best way to cheer yourself up in a bad day

A good old advice

Sometimes even if we complete diligently our duties, life comes to remind us that old habits are not always the only solution. We should try to be creative, and find other ways to improve our own lives and the lives of others.
Tantra teaches us about creativity more than any other spiritual paths. It emphasises it and brings it forward, for it can help us be unique and reveal our deep selves.
Tantra teaches us that each situation, no matter how ugly might look on the outside, has its own meaning and purpose. That we should embrace everything and learn from everything. That we should try to find new ways to improve things and situations.

A cheering up process

The tantric massage is a unique method to change the things around. For its working on physical-energetic level, as well as on the emotional-mental one. Nothing is left aside, for every part of our being is important.
A tantric massage starts by giving you a feeling of comfort and security. Something that might help you feel at ease. In this way you are preparing the basis for a therapeutic process.
The next stage is the opening up of your being. Step by step, you start to bring up your problems, without even knowing them or naming them. You will experience them as tensions that are getting released. Or as bad emotions that are washed out.
But the things are not going to stop here. For these are only the things close to the surface.

What’s next?

On the next stages of the tantric massage, the deeper energies are going to be stirred up. An experienced tantric therapist can easily control and channel them. He can also teach how to work with them and how to use them in the future. How to welcome their presence in your being and accept  them as you allies.
There is nothing to fear of, for the tantric masseur will guide you, and help you to gently release you deeper tensions. He will always smooth the path and thus avoid unpleasant experiences.

Tantra wisdom

Tantra teaches us that the energy in itself is neutral. The way we use it holds the key to our happiness. The energy is also fluid and mutable. So it can be easily transformed according to our will and intention. Once you become accustomed with the energies, it will be easier for you to go with the flow and let go of any resistance you might have.
The increased amount of energy will be felt in the way we fell pleasure as well. Our tantric experience will be filled with pleasant but powerful moments. It will have sweet and exciting flavours, delicious and strong tastes.
This high peak of your tantric massage can last as long as you desire. As long as you fell comfortable with it.


The last part of the tantric massage is a designed to slowly bring you back to our normal reality. It will help you integrate your new experiences into your daily life.
And by the time you will step out of the tantric massage room, you will thank yourself for giving yourself such an amazing time.
Having a bad day is something we usually cannot control. But ending it in a cheerful way is always in our hands.

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