The tantric massage – one of the most pleasant therapies in the world

The massages are being more and more well-known all across the world. They are indeed therapies, and their aim is divers.

First, beginning with the relaxation, then the improvement of the blood circulation or the lymphatic circulation.


Furthermore to the muscles relief and the relieving of some energetically points and not finally to the global harmonization of the psychic.

Even from their beginnings, the massages were seen as methods of relaxation in which the pleasure had its unique place. This is valid especially for the erotically massages, the sensual ones or the tantric massages. It is more desirable to have the chance of a therapy which is so tightly bond to the pleasure. We can say that the massage is a therapy that concretize the idea of combining the useful with the pleasant.


Therapeutically effects of massages in general

As therapeutically effects, the massage is well-known for its impact over the muscles. Also over the stresses that are ameliorated or even determined to disappear completely. Just as there are more types of massages, the therapies that are connected to the massages are focused upon diverse aims.

A masseuze will begin with the simple massage for relaxation. This is followed by a massage focused upon the reflexes, the somatic massage. Then, the taoist massage or the sensual massage. Therefore all offer a certain type of relieving and of filling the human being with fresh energies, dynamic ones. This type of therapy, made by the massages, is spreading quickly not only among the veterans.


More and more people find out about this pleasant therapy. For those who are more conservative or for those who want just a simple relaxation, the massage for relaxation seems the best option. For those who have some health issue, the indication would be for specific massages, certain types of massages, certain techniques and maneuvers.

But both the taoist massage and the presso-puncture one offer a relief, not only physically but also psychically and emotionally. This way, the therapeutically effects of the massage are obvious.

The bond to the pleasure of the tantric massage

The tantric massage offers as a therapeutically modality a complex of divers technics, of more maneuvers and more zone on which it has an impact and this because this type of massage itself is a combination of more types of massages, of caresses and touches. The way of realizing the tantric massage determines the fact that this massage is one of the most pleasant type of massage. This massage itself is a very pleasant technique in which the touches and the caresses have a very important role.

What can be more pleasant for the human being which is searching a therapy then to be slowly caressed in a sensual manner and, in the same time, this to have effects upon his health by improving it?

Activities during the erotic tantric massage

The caresses and the touches during the tantric massage have to be ”tuned” to the aim and to the modality of realizing it. They have to be long, slow and soft, without pressing too hard. They can be described as being almost sweet. The beneficial effects of the tantric massage derive also from this type of caressing which takes place all along the massage.

The sweetness of the masseuse makes the one receiving the massage to feel special effects, even extraordinary. His sensuality is gradually awaken in a refined manner, which determines even more good things to appear in his being. And this because the awaken of the sensuality determines profoundly harmonizing effects over the sensual energy and over the whole being, in general. Working with sensual and erotically energies, the pleasant effects are beyond any doubt. It is the same for the body-to-body massage, which amplifies even more the beneficial effects of the tantric massage. This interaction leads to refined pleasures, special sensations and controlled energies in a tantric manner.


So the pleasure is, from this perspective, one of the most important characteristics of the tantric massage.