Tantra massage has the reputation of being an erotic massage par excellence. However, this definition is not accurate, because the art from which it came, Tantrism, goes far beyond sexuality and the search for aphrodisiac caresses.

Tantra massage: is it aphrodisiac?

Tantrism is not a religion, but rather a way to reach spirituality through sexuality. It is based on rites, breath exercises, yoga positions and massages. Tantra massage is therefore an essential aspect to succeed in entering the divine connection that binds the beings to each other… The caresses and touches that take place during a Tantra massage session are intended to awaken the senses of the person receiving the massage, gently, slowly, gradually eroticizing the body, without seeking coitus at any price. The goal is to reclaim your own body and establish communication and control over it.

A Tantra massage session has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. There is no sexual relation or intercourse whatsoever before, during or after the massage session. Tantra massage is not an erotic massage nor a cover for cheap sexual acts. The goal of an authentic Tantra massage is not orgasm but the awakening of sexual energy that becomes a path of vitality and awakening, a path of self-transformation.

Tantra massage and the hormones of pleasure

In a professional Tantra massage salon, you will find beautiful masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage. Their expert hands know the different phases of awakening the senses and how to release the hormones of pleasure.

Tantra massage boosts the pleasure

Tantra massage is an ancient spiritual practice. A detailed explanation of it is found in the esoteric sacred books. The massage is a sensual one, it allows the receiver to boost desire and sexual pleasure. Tantra massage is performed on the naked body of the receiver. The masseuse uses an oil with stimulating properties. Her expert hands will gently and slowly touch every inch of your body. This will increase the desire.

Tantra massage is a way to relax

Tantra massage is an effective means of relaxation. At a professional Tantra massage salon you step into a magical world that will take you into a sacred place. The scent that floats in the air, the music that plays in the backround and the lights will put you into a state of relaxation. The atmosphere is magical. A beautiful masseuse will help you eliminate the stress. The hand movements of the masseuse will act on the chakras (energy points) to relieve tension and relax muscles. The masseuse will awake the sexual energy through pleasant sensations, touches all over the body, and help you control the sexual energy. Breathing is important in order to control the sexual energy. With the help of the masseuse you will be able to guide this huge force, the sexual energy, from chakra to chakra, in an ascending direction to the head.

Tantra massage is a moment when you abandon yourself to the present, to here and now, a moment of connection with the divine in yourself!