There is a very strong connection between the one who offers the massage and the one who receive it. This connection is based, mostly, on affinity and very clear understanding of the purpose of the massage and the expectations of both the participants.

The masseur role in reaching a perfect tantra massage, is to orchestrate the transfer of the sexual energy and to defuse it to all the energy levels of the receptor, the beneficiary of the massage.
The care and responsibility of the masseur both the beginning of the massage and during it, should be directed in having a neutral attitude, free from any expectations. This kind of attitude to empty the mind and free it of any past or future thoughts, and focus on present moment, perfectly aware of the energies that are being vehiculated , represent the accomplishment of the real meaning of the tantra massage.

The duty of the masseur is to connect with the universal energy and to be the channel of it, through his hands and also his body. The hands of the masseur will become real „energy magnets” which will infuse the healing energy and will offer pleasure with a deep harmoniser massage.
In this way, the moves of the hands will flow downward, first, unlocking and bringing the contribution to awake the sexual energy that can reach high levels of pleasure and then, upward towards the superior energy centers of the receiver.


Instead, the „responsibility” of the receiver is to accept, relax and enjoy the sensations experienced during the massage. Same as the giver, the one who receives the massage is to empty his mind of any thoughts may appear, making space, in this way, to the feelings of relaxation and pleasure, result of the interaction between these two involved. Free, also, of any expectations, the receiver will have the chance to enlarge his capacity to abandon in the hands of the masseur, with all his trust, and to receive, in this way, the fluent, harmonizer and spiritual message of the experience. Giving his trust to the masseur, the receiver will have the opportunity to communicate any discomfort may appear physically and mentally, and even can stop the massage and openly discuss on the problem may appear. Usually, the tantra massage, against some superficial point of views, has deep impact, not only physically but emotionally, too, bringing out some recent or even older trauma.

Here, we are coming back to the role of the masseur, its ability to manage, improve and harmonise this trauma, that appeared just because of the energy unlocking techniques of the tantra massage.
The relationship between the masseur and the receiver represents a consensual communication, full of mutual respect that has the final purpose to transform the basic sexual energy into high vibration energy, healing, and harmonising also, enlarge the capacity of the receiver to overcome some limits, habits and prejudices.