Tantra places spiritual well-being and self-fulfillment at the heart of its doctrine

It is a collection of texts, dogmas, rituals and practices around spirituality. Tantra is a science that tends towards a way of life where one combines well-being, desire and spirituality, in particular by means of rituals and yogic exercises. Thus, practices such as yoga or Tantra massages and texts such as Kamasutra are associated. Spiritually, Tantra aims to enable man to attain liberation while integrating his body with the universe and the energies that compose it. In terms of sexuality, it can awaken one’s senses and bring a sacred dimension to the practice of sex.

Tantra massage is a path that leads to ecstasy and liberation. It is a way of awakening one’s whole being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual. It is especially recognized as a deep healing instrument and renowned for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages.

Tantra massage can be a solution for the conventional problems that affect today’s couples

At a professional salon massage, you get to experience the teachings of Tantra that include breathing exercises and genital stimulation. Sexuality is a sacred thing that can lead to a form of ecstasy, both physical and spiritual. Beautiful masseuses, specialized in the art of Tantra, will take the couple to a powerful sensory experience, where the physical body mixes with the psychic to become one.
Suave, slow movements, will translate you into a state of deep relaxation. Relaxation is important in order to remove blockages and to get into that letting go state and to benefit from everything that the massage can offer. A Tantra massage session allows the abandonment of oneself and gives to the receiver a feeling of deliverance and deep relaxation.

Daily stress, routine and negative thoughts easily melt and you can live in the present moment, here and now. Delicate touches awaken the sexual energy and harmonize the energy centers of the body. Energy flows freely through the body and activates all erogenous areas, you can even discover new ones. A sensual erotic climate is created and desire is awakened.

Tantra massage can offer remedies for sexual dysfunction

In general, sexual dysfunction is the result of a blockage. For men, dysfunctions can range from impotence, premature ejaculation to loss of sexual desire. For women, this may be a lack of libido, a certain frigidity, painful intercourse, an inability to experience pleasure or reach orgasm, and many other things. By purifying the body, releasing blockages, awakening sexual energy and dispersing this vital energy throughout the body, a person can heal from their sexual troubles and radically transform their sexuality.

Tantra massage can increase the orgasmic potential

When a person’s sexual energy is strictly condensed in the area of the genitals, sexual encounters and orgasms can be very short, one-dimensional and fleeting. With the help of sessions of Tantra massage, this powerful energy that is scattered upward causes high and accessible ecstatic states. Men and women can experience multiple orgasms and sexuality is elevated to tantric dimensions.