Tantra massage versus Tao massage- The Tantra and Tao details

It may come as a surprise for some that we offer authentic Tantra massage here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest. What is Tantra, what is Tao, and what do they have to do with each other?


About Tao and Tao massage

Tao is an ancient Chinese tradition of wisdom. It promotes an autonomous life ideal. Tao means path and it is all about integrating oneself in the Universal Order.
This philosophy is based on the interaction of the yin and yang energies. Everything that exists is made up of these two in various proportions. The entire universal evolution is the outcome of the yin-yang energetic game. All existence is the expression of this duality.

However, there is more than meets the eye. The sages have described the state of perfect balance between the two extremes. When this balance is absolute, duality is transcended. Therefore the sage can then regard all things from a complete state of objectivity, detachment, experiencing everything with equal inner peace and joy.


This transcendent blissful void that secretly underlies duality at all times enables us to reach a universal point of view. From this perspective, one can understand that all human laws and convictions are relative and circumstantial. This understanding leads to the wise, harmonious and conscious integration of the self in the Universal Order.

About Tantra and Tantra massage

Tantra, on the other hand, is an ancient system of the Indian wisdom. Firts of all Tantra is the Sanscrit word for web, netting or weft, being a metaphore for the holographic universal structure. This means that everything is interconnected and that a Tantric’s practice is all-integrative, not rejecting anything, but using all aspects of existence with wisdom, self-control and self-awareness. All that exists is energy and any energy can be alchemised and modulated in order to serve spiritual evolution.


A more thorough translation of the word tantra is tan = to spread and tra = instrument. This signifies Tantra’s aim and method of expanding one’s consciousness using the very consciousness as instrument. Because of this Tantric philosophy states that the two principles the entire Univers stems from are energy and consciousness. The latter is the wisdom, the witness and the creator, the ordering principle, while the first is birth, life and creation.

Energy and cosciousness

Consciousness without energy would be completely inert, while energy without consciousness would be chaos.

The more energy we have, the more we become aware of it and put it to great use, the more our consciousness expands. We all have a tremendous amount of energy (sex drive being one of the strongest). Therefore it’s just that we are not aware of it, don’t know how to control it and what to do with it. It is thus through awareness that evolution can occur.


When the energy is overwhelmingly immense (such is the case of orgasms, or intense grief, for example), if one puts awareness into it, consciousness can even expand to a universal level.

Tantra and tao relationship

This is the aim of Tantra and this is where it connects with Tao. All authentic spiritual paths lead to this complete, universal experience, where man becomes godly, being fully united with the Universal Consciousness.

In our next article we will speak about the unifying concept of Tao and Tantra. Stay tunes and call us in order to make an appointment for an tantra massage!