Tantra is and will always be an eternal way of self-development for those who are ready to follow it. The ancient principle of Tantra regarding sexual energy is that sperm should never be wasted unless it is used for procreation. Healthy sperm has vital nutrients, trace elements, amino acids in a purified state and basically it represents the vital masculine essence.
Tantric masters say: “There is no bigger mistake than to waste the seminal essence at the end of the road. If you want success in all aspects of your life, you have to learn to control your ejaculation urges the same way you handle boiling water in order to avoid spilling it.” Losing one’s sperm has negative effects on all the levels of a man’s being: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. As we’ve learned, through ejaculation, vital substances and energies are lost. The physical reserves are depleted without the possibility of refilling them.
Tantra also teaches that there is no compensation for losing sperm; once you’ve shed it, it’s lost for good. The pleasure that comes with the discharge lasts for such a short period of time, only a few seconds, and it cannot offer a deeper, more profound and longer ecstasy; that can only be reached through a non-discharging orgasm. The sexual act followed by ejaculation creates a psychological influence that limits the sexual experience. We have to step out of this limited way of seeing sexuality as linked only to our physical bodies. We have the ability of feeling a larger and even infinite area of sensations during orgasms that can last for many hours or even days compared to just a few seconds. As Tantra says, there is always the choice: transformation or involution.
The highly recommended tantric way is stopping the course of the ejaculation with the help of the perineal spot – located between the anus and the scrotum – and to transform sperm into energy right inside the body. This way the man can make love anytime he wants for as long as he wants, without harming himself in any way. The massage of the lingam – the sanscrit name for the penis – can help very much in this direction.
Tantric masters say that the lingam massage can help men gain an incredible control on their sexual energy and also over their own emotions, feelings and thoughts. All this is done via “injaculation”, a term naming the return of this precious sexual energy to the body by the awareness of the relationship between breathing, thinking, and ejaculation. This way the man increases his faith in sexuality and becomes stronger in every domain of his life.
By getting used with the excitation levels before ejaculation and learning to make the difference between them, one makes a very big step in controlling the ejaculation impulse. This way, one will be ready for quality sexual experiences.
Erotic massage can help a lot in learning all the above mentioned because men have the possibility to experience different stages of excitation alternating with relaxation and this allows them to know themselves and their bodies’ reactions a lot better than in daily life situations. Only Tantra massage is capable of exploring all this subtle nuances of eroticism mixing modern-times styles with ancient traditional techniques.