The sensual dimension in the tantric massage is one of the keys of the joy there

The benefits of the tantric massage are numerous and various. Among them, the delight brought up by the sensuality shared during the tantric massage is not the least.

The involvement of the erotically energies in this type of massage makes it very desired and juicy. It can reach ecstatic levels. It determines big joy and happiness in the person receiving it. This is possible  as working with the erotically energies in a controlled manner has always this effect.


The aim here is to offer a controlled pleasure and a pleasant therapy, in the same time. This can be very well achieved by manifesting refined sensuality in the maneuvers or in the soft touches.

And the sensuality manifested thus by the woman offering the massage increases the joy and the welfare of the man receiving the massage.


Recommendation for man

Feeling the refined sensuality of the woman offering a tantric massage is always a quiet recommendation for the man.

He can feel in this manner a gradate and harmonious arousal of his erotically energy and lets the energy manifested by the woman guiding the massage to fulfill his own needs.

Sensuality as a start to higher pleasures


The sensuality felt in this pleasant interaction is not the end in the massage. It is just a part of it, a pleasant one and one that goes all the way along the massage. Therefore,  this sensuality leads to a feeling of wholeness, of deep satisfaction and gratitude, leads to a joy that has much more effects.


The beneficial effects of a tantric massage, the welfare and the pleasant interactions included, are meant to remain in the being of the person having this experience long after the massage has finished.

Thus the sensuality is just another energy that the tantric massage wants to direct it upwards and making it the engine for higher pleasures.

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