Pleasure in the erotic massage seen as science experiments


In the erotic and sensual massages, the pleasure present during this process can be so intense, refined and complex, that we can speak about a real science of pleasure. Pleasure, in general, plays a very important role in people’s life. In some more than in the others, of course, but everyone wishes to enjoy pleasure and to have a pleasant life. If some do not have an easy life (as we tend to judge an easy life being a pleasant one), so if pleasure doesn’t come automatically with a facile way of living. Therefore there are reasons at least to insert pleasures in it. The more and the diverse pleasure inserted, the better.


Moments of pleasure in an erotic massage

Moments of pleasure are searched for by anyone and we don’t have to be hedonists to look out for it at least from time to time. An erotic or a sensual massage becomes thus such a call for pleasure. That action is know to be for increasing the knowledge and for adventure. Looking for some moments of relaxation and for pleasure, one can easily get to find out about the erotic massages.

In the sensual and erotic massages, the pleasure has its specific place and has a major role. Therefore it is one of the reasons people ask for it. Of course it is not the only reason, but it is one of the first aspects that appears when having to deal with the erotic massages.

Where do we find pleasure in the erotic massages

All of the process of the erotic massage is filled with pleasure and delight is met in almost all the details of it. Even a simple massage of relaxation means pleasure for the one who came here to release tensions and to relax. But the sensual and erotic massage is much more than that and the pleasure felt is related very much to the sensual moves and touches the guest can enjoy. This is the part of the massage in which the pleasure reaches its highest edges. In addition  when the masseuse applies the specific techniques for awaken the erotically energy and the sensuality in the being of the guest. With sensual moves and touches filled with delight, she will bring up a unique note of enchantment.


Body to body massage

This part of the erotic massage, the one most desired by almost all the guests, is the body-to-body massage. Here we find ourselves on the realm of the soft touches of the hair, of the breasts or other parts of the body of the masseuse over the almost complete naked body of the guest. The sensations are terrific. The thrill felt by a silky and soft hair over the chest, the stomach or the back of the guest worth coming back again and again. The pleasant and soft touch of the breasts over, for example, the anterior part of the body of the guest is more than pleasure, can get to ecstasy.


The role of the pleasure in the erotic massage

Just as in any experience, teaching or important action willing to enlarge the human horizon, the pleasure is seen not as an ultimate scope, but a path that can lead to deeper and more profound aspects. We all know that not to get enrobed by the pleasure, they say that we have to go beyond it in order to rest unattached by it. Therefore as pleasant as such an experience can be, leading even to bliss and ecstasy. Thus we have to remain conscious during it, not getting lost on the paths of the pleasure.