The pubic bone is situated above the penis. In oriental philosophy, this area is associated with energy center called Swadhisthana Chakra, the center of sexuality and of the reproduction. This center gives us the social integration and it is represented , in TAO tradition, by water element, silver as colour and the taste sense.
The main purpose of this massage is the erection stabilisation and the control of the sexual energy.
As benefits of this technique we noticed:
1. The sudden sexual excitement.
2. Increased production of the sperm amount by stimulation of the male hormone testosterone.
3. Revival and the possibility to maintain the erection longer.
4. Avoiding the impotence and the premature ejaculation.
5. The vital force activation of the acupressure point VC-1, that is located right where the pubic bone is, that provides extra energy for the other energy centers of the body.

This vital energy awoke by this pubic bone massage becomes the fire force of the wise energy that will start rising and penetrating all the energy channels of the human body, eliminating, in this way, all the physical and mental jams.

Advices for bone massage for men

It is very important that both the one who makes the massage and the one who receives it, to be present, aware and focused on the real purpose of these moves. The receiver should sense a gradual amplifying of the inner heat, as a sign that the healing energy of the body starts its work. The focused technique is a real chance for the sexual energies to unite with mind and soul.
According to localization, the pubic bone is divided in 2 types: left and right. Exactly under the area where these 2 are getting together, there is a very important point for sexual stimulation.
The massage of the pubic bone is realised in 2 directions:
– opposite the clockwise direction that means in the yang direction
– clockwise direction that means in yin direction
Both the yin and yang directions of the pubic bone massage there is a very releasing energy for the kidney meridian, stomach and spleen.



  1. The vertical position is preferred for self massage, with feet at the shoulders level and knees slightly bent.
    When somebody else is doing the massage, the lying down position is the one for it, in a very relaxed state of body and mind.
  2. First, it is indicated, in order to energize the hands, to rub hands together, rapid and intens until they overheat.
  3. Your right hand takes the testicles with a soft pressure.
  4. Your left hand goes to the pubic area and it realises circular strong moves. First, in the yang direction, opposite the clockwise for 81 times, warming, graduated, the pubic area. After these 81 times moves, the masseuse will shake the hands few seconds in order to free the residual energy.
  5.  Again, rubbing the hands together and then, the left hand will take the testicles and the right hand will realise the circular massage of the pubic bone for 81 times in the yin direction, clockwise.
    This kind of massage is very special and the benefits are a real help to prevent and heal sexual problems. But always ”a gram of practice worth tons of theory”.