The erotic and the sensual massages are one of the best ways to discover the pleasure, a deeper meaning of it and to get as much of it as possible in a refined manner. In these kind of massages, the pleasure meets delicious sensations, therapeutically effects and maneuvers, deep harmonious states. They are a mix of delightful ingredients which make the erotic massage an extraordinary experience.

Besides the pleasure felt at various levels of the being, in an erotic massage there are also different feelings, sensations and emotions that emerge, in various moments of this experience. They are all together expressions of special maneuvers and techniques with big impact over the being of the one who receives the massage. At least, this is what the tantric salons in Bucharest offer and teach and their popularity makes us give it a try.

The impact that a special erotic or tantric massage has over the person who has the chance of receiving it is due to many reasons. These various aspects rend account of the physical and emotional state of the guest and express themselves through the influence the massage has later on. Of course there is a big influence over the guest from the beginning of the massage, also, but this can grow more in time if it was well realized. The influences can be detected at all the levels of the being of the guest. He will enjoy better states in various forms. He will experience an increased state of welfare, a deeper feeling of satisfaction and gratitude, more fulfillment, the better flow of his energies, purification and a more dynamic and vivid state. Among these, the feelings related to his soul and to his heart are not to be neglected at all.

The accent put on the aspects and energies related to the heart
A big good influence that these massage have is at the level of the heart. Besides the erotically sensations, the harmonization of the sexual energies and more openness at the level of sensuality, we can trace the good impact of this massage at the heart and chest area, also. The feelings appeared there are very important, too and there we can really talk about feelings, if before we were referring at sensations. Deeper feelings and emotions are expressed here, at this level of the heart and it is a normal consequence of the maneuvers realized here and of a general improved state and satisfaction.

The attention set on this area of the body and at this level of the being makes the heart “open”, grow and even flourish. The good feelings and emotions appeared during the erotic and tantric massage make the heart be “alive”. The guest can perceive different states and emotions then before at this level and some can even surprise him if he is not very accustomed to pay attention in this direction.

Maneuvers and techniques for opening the heart
The work over the chest zone of the guest takes place generally at the middle of the massage, when the guest is already relaxed and already enjoys the experience. The maneuvers here consist of all the moves used for the other parts of the body, but being here more concentrated on a smaller zone. The pressure is even lighter then normral, the touches are softer and more delicate. The guest can experience now big relief, inner peace and the purification of his emotions.