Hi there, my name is Jim and I want to share with you my experiences I had in the erotic massages, as I strongly recommend them to all men, no matter their age. It is such a wonderful experience, that it will ”catch“ you for sure.

I admit that at the beginning, at my first attempts to understand what these massage were all about, I went there only for the seek of relaxation. And of having a good time, as I often heard that this would really be fun. I wasn’t disappointed with these aspects either, but what was there really meant more than fun and relaxation.

Seeing that lovely young lady opening the door and inviting me in was the first step to a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t prepared for such a warm and opened smile…it showed an opened heart from the very first instant. Opened heart and opened mind… and she knew so much! Being there with her was like beginning an adventurous trip in a world of pleasure, relaxation, harmony and extraordinary good estates. Because this is what I admire the most in these special hours: the estates these women are able to get us in. Even they use only techniques of relaxation and sensual touches and moves in the body-to-body massage, they succeed in giving us so pleasant sensations… so terrific moments of joy! And this is, after all, why I return there almost every week. Well, maybe not every single week… but three times per month for sure.

And did I mention how lovely they are? Yes, I know, I know, I did. Sorry for repeating myself, but they really are like this, indeed. Meeting the first masseuse there I thought: “Boy, I’m lucky! I bet she is the most beautiful here.” Seeing then how much she knows and what a pleasant company she is, not only beautiful but much more then that, I prolonged twice the time initially required. But the big surprises came when returning in the following weeks again and again, for three times and getting to know the other masseuses there. I began asking if all the masseuses in the saloons for erotic massages in Bucharest are like this. Maybe not all of them, but there are plenty of them. Trust me and try it.

The special moments you can find there? Well, let’s begin with the atmosphere created. Mysterious, sweet, feminine and… almost mystic. And among the techniques met worldwide, these young women in Bucharest really know what they are doing. I bet you’ll prolong your session from the very first time, just as I did. And with no regrets. I don’t want to get away too easily from the sensual touches and the sweet caresses with which they enchant my body and my soul. They combine the technique with the art so good, that I always think I am in the perfect place. You just go there for yourself, also and then come back to me and say if it isn’t like this. The hours spent in relaxation and elevated eroticism are some of the best hours spent, believe me. When these two combines and you add even therapeutically effects, then you almost say this is the most you could ask for.

Don’t spare another second, just go and see it for yourself!