The history of Tantra massage is extremely long. This type of touch was widespread in eastern cultures, including China and India, from 1500-2000 years ago and it was developed to include both spiritual and mental aspects. While the massage, in the western part of the world, was mainly used for medical purposes.
Instruments used for this unique massage can incorporate many different sensations. Professional massage salons use special oils or creams designed for massage. Some of them contain odors that help relax or stimulate the person who receives the massage, while others are simple oils, like almond oil, which offer a smooth gliding of the hands on the body. Certain objects with different textures can be incorporated into the massage to intensify the sensations: feathers, different types of material (silk, velvet), etc.
The sense of touch is extremely important for sexuality
Tantra massage involves the use of hands and body to stimulate the sense of touch and it goes beyond the zone of relaxation and well-being to become a pure moment of pleasure. It is a technique that transcends the body and offers incredible sensations. Tantra is not about sex. Rather, it gets a state of fierce consciousness which can start from feelings of sexual arousal but is not limited to them.
Tantra massage prepares your body so that your sexual energy flows continuously and contributes to your elevation. There is no “happy ending” to this massage, it is the beginning of a permanent and comfortable energy rise. Indeed, Tantra massage, allows to circulate its primal and sexual energy by intensifying it, distributing it throughout the body. This avoids being stuck in the usual tension engendered by the sexual energy confined in the genitals.
To live a Tantra massage allows to experience concretely that a high sexual energy can be all the more powerful and source of benefits that it does not release to the outside. That is, for men, it is necessary to avoid ejaculation. By keeping this energy in you, by letting go of the reflex to try to evacuate it, you can make it grow, helped by the guidance of the masseuse and by the indicated breathing. The masseuse practices techniques allowing you to progress smoothly to multiple orgasms (non-ejaculatory).
Tantra massage helps to eliminate complexes
Being naked, fully massaged with oils, with expert hands that stimulate the primal energy causes the body to experience intensifying sensations. The body and the mind relax deeply and the body frees itself from the pre-established shackles, making it possible to get rid of aesthetic considerations and to free oneself from the limits of one’s body. You get to let go, to abandon yourself to the delicate and gentle touches that arouse your desire, that awake the sexual energy and circulate it on the whole body.
You get to experience the acceptance of nudity, self-confidence, self-esteem, learn to love yourself, to respect yourself, to assert yourself.

A massage session is a source for experiencing overwhelming sensations of pleasure. Tantra focuses on the mind-body relationship, and Tantra massage has the role of breaking it from everyday reality, to relax it completely. The mixture of sensations does not let you think of anything else.