Increasing manhood by tantric massages

More and more people ask nowadays for tantric massages. And they are not only men, women also want to have the opportunity for such an experience. The benefits achieved by tantric massages are many and very various. Therefore the erotic and tantric massage address to women and men, likewise.

But still there are more men willing to try a tantric massage comparing it with the number of women coming to have this method of relaxation. There is still this perception of men enjoying the company of beautiful young women and their interaction is something very desired no matter the age of the guest. We all know that in people consciousness, skillful young women trying to make a man feel very well and knowing more about himself are destined to men’s welfare and less for women’s.

A nice woman slowly massaging a man is an image for the lots of benefits existing in a world for men.

The tantric massages addressing more to men, nowadays

And for men, the benefits of a tantric massage are indubitable. From a good session of relaxation, to a nice company filled with warmth, welfare and tenderness, to harmonious energy and controlled sensuality, everything is a quiet call. And the call goes further for therapeutically effects, for increasing the health and the state of welfare. More important, men may begin to know themselves better through the knowledge offered by the massage and the masseuse. It is a knowledge about his own energies, about his own capacities and potentialities.


Art and sensitivity in erotical tantric massages

A tantric massage is a very creative act. This act which combines ancient profound knowledge of the body and the soul of the human being. This ancient knowledge over the energies is concretized in specific touches meant to bring joy. The masseuse uses her touches in the most creative manners she is able of, respecting meanwhile the principles of uplifting the energies. Through all the work she does over the guests’ energies, she has certain purposes in mind. She aims to bring only good, beneficial and fresh energies in the guest’s being, she tries to make the energies have an ascendentally flow and she observes all the time the impact this massage has over her guest.


The energies awaken during the massage will bring in his being more attention on certain aspects: his state of relaxation, some blockages he may have in his body, the way he feels his erotically energy, his sensuality or manhood.

The tantric massage works a lot in the sexual sphere and, therefore, over the manhood

A tantric massage is much about harmonizing the erotically energies in the being of the one receiving the massage. In the same time with the attention over the erotically energy, there comes also the relief of some tensions in this domain. There will be also an increasing of the sensuality and of manhood. Harmonizing the erotically energy means harmony of all the aspects of this level. And manhood has his primary importance here and it can be increased during this extraordinary experience. There are certain techniques and maneuvers for this. There are certain points on which we insist and we press in specific manners. These points will determine a better flow of this energy.


A nice view from the top of erotical mind

The guests are also thought to be more aware of their energies and especially of the erotically ones. Not to deny them, but to fully expressed them in harmonious manners. The effects of the massages will last more then that peculiar session of massage. Also  a good massage will have its effects long after it is finished.

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