A tantra  massage should be soothing, relaxing and a wonderful overall experience. For this reason, it is important for the masseuse to know what suggestions to give to the person receiving the tantra  massage to maximize the benefits.  Tantra massages are an excellent opportunity to achieve physical and mental well-being. In fact, the benefits of a massage can be many, such as eliminating anxiety and stress, reducing pain, reactivating blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, relaxing muscles, activating sexual energy and more.

In order to fully benefit from a tantra massage, not only do the maneuvers have to be done in a certain way, but there are also important factors that should not be underestimated. One of the primary factors that should not be underestimated in order to benefit from a  tantra massage is the perfect time. A massage session cannot be rushed or performed too quickly. In this case, the maneuvers carried out lose their value, and the positive effects will be considerably smaller and less widespread.

Before the  tantra massage session

It is better not to eat too much heavy food or drink alcohol. Moreover, it is advisable not to eat just before the massage session.

If you do not want to remove all your clothes, you will need to discuss this with the masseuse. Depending on the specific of the massage it will be possible to wear something comfortable that will allow the masseuse to work on the areas of the body that they need and receive the massage in the best way. Some clothes may not facilitate relaxation.

Good communication between the masseuse and the receiver is very important. Prior to the session, a professional masseuse will provide the recipient with very specific information and the same should happen in reverse if there are medical conditions that the masseuse must know before starting.

During the tantra massage session

Communication is also essential during the massage session. Obviously not everyone likes to talk, but if there are problems with pressure, speed of movement, ambient temperature, volume of music or lighting, the person receiving the massage should say so.

Breathing helps facilitate relaxation. People often breathe incorrectly when they feel anxious or massage a sensitive area. If this happens, the masseuse will pay special attention to these particular cases.

If you cannot relax during the tantra massage session, as there are many thoughts, the advice is to focus on the masseuse’s hands or your own breathing. You must try to be as responsive as possible, open to experience.

After the tantra  massage session

If you experience dizziness after the massage, you should not get up too fast. On the contrary, you should take enough time to return to “normal”, especially if the level of relaxation was very deep.

After a massage, it is advisable to drink more water, as the session usually stimulates diuresis and fluid drainage. In some cases, especially when the person is accustomed to drinking a few liquids, they may need to recover.

Massage has the greatest benefits over time, the therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative. Therefore, one suggestion is to do one or more massage cycles, and not just a random one.