Tantric massage and femininity

Most women see massage as merely a means to relax their bodies, decrease stress and, and relieve muscle pain. All these processes are natural, necessary features of any type of massage, but what if we told you tantric massage can do far more than just that?

Like, for instance, it can deeply and quickly increase your femininity and sensuality. All women enjoy being cared for, spoiled, massaged, caressed, loved, and tantric massage aims to fulfill these fundamental feminine needs. Modern women are often losing touch and awareness of their true feminine nature due to the challenges they have to face daily at work, at home and within their own mind. Many of them got used to having a rather masculine role in society and even in the family (working hard, organizing everything, financially providing for their loved ones etc ) and somewhat drifted away from their genuine feminine energy.

tantric massage girl

Tantric massage can easily address this issue without consuming much time and without involving effort.

Is it normal for a woman to receive tantra massage?

Of course it is!

Women are just as entitled to try it as men are! But for women, the beneficial effects cover a broader range and occur faster than in the case of men.

Secrets behind tantric massage

So, what does tantric massage have to do with amplifying femininity?

Well, actually, everything!

First of all, massage itself is a way to heighten sensitivity and to sharpen our sense of touch, which are both, essentially feminine features. Many women have forgotten what it feels like to be caressed or touched in a sensual, loving way because they have been single for a long time.

Or their partner is not paying attention to this necessary type of intimacy. Thus, through the varied maneuvers and techniques it uses, tantric massage will bring your sense of touch to its highest level of intensity and sensitivity. This will offer you a deep sense of refined pleasure and fulfillment.

Experimental studies

Several studies have shown that gentle touch and sensual massage trigger chemical processes in the brain that lead to the emission of certain hormones responsible for the state of happiness and inner peace. The pleasurable, magical experience of tantra massage greatly helps women to understand and engage their own sensuality better. And inevitably women gain better knowledge of themselves.

Feeling cared for and nurtured is very important in order for a woman to feel completely open and to fully manifest all her femininity and beauty. This is why many women experience deep personality changes after attending several tantric massage sessions. This massage technique strongly affects the emotional structures as it releases tensions, improves the sense of well being and balances emotional dynamics.

Emotions and tensions

Emotional tensions are one of the main issues women have to deal with on the psychological level. Simply relaxing and getting in touch with your own body and your own sensuality through massage will easily remove or minimize negative, unhealthy emotions and perceptions. These perceptions may be present in your system and thus you will feel and see the world and all your experiences through the clean, untainted lens of happiness, joy and fulfillment. From this state , you will see the solutions to many problems that seemed impossible to solve. Also you will be free of many fears and projections that were just fruits of imagination subjected to stress and tension. Not in the end you will enjoy a healthy, lucid and beneficent point of view over reality.


The practice of erotic massage will also give you a better sense of your own erotic energy, which is at the core of your feminine nature. The second part of a tantric massage session is called yoni massage. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, also meaning gate or spring. Yoni massage uses certain maneuvers in order to massage and stimulate the inner and outer female genital organs. The effect of this technique is very powerful as it activates the gigantic erotic potential of the woman in a complex, unique way.


The woman receiving a yoni massage usually experiences intense, ecstatic states of prolonged orgasm. You will gradually freed from various inhibitions, tensions and misconceptions related to your sexuality and to sexual pleasure in general. As her awareness of her sexual power awakens and increases, the woman’s feminine power is also amplified. Thus she gains a deeper understanding about how she can use this enormous magnetism and charisma she possesses. With all these knowledges you can improve your life and the lives of the people you love.

Conclusions about tantric massage

Here are some of the most important beneficial effects of tantra massage regarding the awakening of the feminine power:

  • increases sensuality, amplifies eroticism and awareness on one’s own sexuality, clears sexual and emotional tensions
  • inhibitions and traumas
  • amplifies sensuality
  • heightens sense of touch
  • induces a state of contentment
  • inner peace and intense joy

And this is just the beginning!

Come visit us if you want to experience a wonderful time! We can also get to know yourself for the real, amazing, beautiful woman that you are! You will be more than delighted!