Erotic massage pleasure is only Tao art…

We all know that the largest sensory organ of the human body is the skin (corresponding to the sense of touch) compared with the other organs corresponding to other senses: ear, nose, tongue, eyes, which occupy only a few centimeters of the body.
The sensitivity of the hands, in particular, has been proven at a cortical level, where the surface of the cortex corresponding to the skin on the hands is greater than the assembly that corresponds to the other parts of the body, with one exception: the mouth, lips and tongue, equally important as the hands, at a the cortical level.
Tactile contact is a form of communication, protection, emotion, fusion, eroticism, affection, wellness, joy. Because the erotic massage fulfills all these issues, the tactile interaction between a man and a woman can not be trivialized in the strictly material and sexual level, but are full of emotional and energetic harmonious exchange, of opposite polarity.
By tactile intelligence we can find multiple benefits on different levels of the human being.
The beneficial effects of caressing, which is a manifestation of the tactile sense in erotic massage, are multiple: activating blood circulation, drainage of the veins, eliminating toxins, strengthening the immune system, eliminating anxiety, relaxation, eliminates muscle contractures, stress, fatigue, harmonization of breathing .
An important result of the erotic massage is to generate pleasure. Pleasure is a fundamental biological psychological and phenomenon. It has its own sensory centers, located in paleocortex and hypothalamus. These centers secretneurohormones: endorphins and enkephalins passing blood, substances that have calming, analgesic and psychostimulant effect.
Thus, pleasure plays a major role in everyday life, relieves the existential angst of surviving in a hostile and threatening environment, generates stress, suffering, inconvenience, worry. Pleasure calms down the anxiety resulted in tense situations, anesthetizes the pain and rewards the efforts. She is the driving force of life; without pleasure, life would not only be a nightmare without end.

From a psychological viewpoint, it is a way of banishing solitude. Moreover, stroking initiates a real dialogue as a means of nonverbal communication and even language in itself. It portrays its sensuality, listens to the skin that it touches and the human being it approaches. Stroking provokes feeling pleasure, confessions, abandonment.
Tactile sensation is a true witness of sincere energetical communication; for if words can hide untruths, or we can be blinded by sexual attraction, the tactile sensation is impossible to lie.
In an energetical interaction of a massage, the two perceive with maximun acuity the degree of sensuality and affection of the other. If not, the absence of the emotional and indifference can easily be felt and the gesture will lose its meaning.
That is why we can say undoubtedly that the way we touch, caress, massage, represent us like an id.

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