Erotic massage Bucharest services view as consumer or consumed?

In our consumer society it is absolutely necessary to inform ourselves firstly and choose what we consume in all aspects of life, so that the quality of the products and services we consume provide real benefits and not make us actually ,,become consumed ” with the price of our welfare, our health and even our lives. One of the current market services is erotic massage.


Background of consumer policy for erotic massage

Initially, the meaning of erotic or sensual massage is to facilitate harmonious interpersonal communication at all levels of being: mental, emotional, spiritual, to help the free flowing of sexual energy through the body and thus to make us benefit from an excellent health, both physical and mental, to enjoy an optimal disposition, to improve our sex life and not least to achieve inner peace. Those carrying out this type of massage have a great responsability and therefore it is absolutely important that people who assume this task to be aware of the importance of conveying the true message of this form of massage.
The message that erotic massage sends is that sexual energy manifested in the men’s sperm is, in fact, life energy and must be valued to the fullest, not lost or wasted in trivial ejaculation. Moreover, we can appreciate the value of sexual energy by understanding the process of internal alchemy, more exactly, of the transmutation of sexual energy potential in different kinds of energy: mental, emotional, spiritual, and by eliminating misconceptions about the “danger” of lack of ejaculation.

Benefits of erotic massage

There are multiple benefits of erotic massage: voluntary control over one’s own erotic energies and hence for the one who practices result a myriad of advantages: a better vital, mental, spiritual power, personal charisma, success in all of his actions, a refill of one’s energy batteries.
In contrast, erotic massage services of “fast-happy-end” kind is a form of sexual manifestation that have no benefits whatsoever. According to the sages of theTaoist tradition, masturbation ended with sperm loss has negative effects on all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of a man. Through ejaculation one loses vital substances and energy, the physical and mental resources are emptied without the possibility to regain them.

Erotic energy

We are born with a limited amount of erotic potential, which can be depleted or preserved depending on the frequency of ejaculations. Ejaculation creates a kind of psychological influence what is strictly limited to the sexual sensitive region. When “raw” seminal energy flows out through masturbation, there is no rising or transformation because all the energy reserves are emptied. Since healthy sperm contains vital nutrients, vitamins, dietary elements and amino acids in a purified form, sperm should not be wasted pointlessly: it is vital male essence. Regarding this aspect Taoist philosophers say that: ,,There is no greater folly than to throw your seminal energy on the roadside … If you want to be successful in life, you need to control your ejaculation exactly how you watch a pot of boiling water and not leave it to evaporate “.

To think or not to think before consuming services like erotic massage?

In conclusion, the decision to ,,consume” certain healthy services or to let us “consumed” by some unhealthy services is a personal choice.