At the heart of the concept of Tantra

The word Tantra is defined as the science of the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of energy. Its meaning is close to the idea of ​​a thread, a continuity or a weaving chain of a fabric. Related to massage, Tantra technique is a ritual derived from esoteric sacred books that resulted in one of the forms of Hinduism. It is influenced by many millennial traditions, both Indian and Chinese. Finally, individuals in search of spirituality may be interested in Tantra, in order to succeed in better exacerbating their senses, to surrender themselves and to live in a better overall harmony.

The objectives of  Tantra massage -Live fully different sensations

Really spiritual, Tantra massage aims to help people to experience new sensations. By defining Tantra massage as a real spiritual journey, Tantra massage helps to feel totally new sensations, while feeling in total osmosis with the masseuse. At the same time soft and refined, the touch will propel you into  another dimension, between dream and reality. In the world of Tantra massage, one can only feel good: each caress is an invitation to well-being.

A new personal development

Thanks to the Tantra massage method, it is possible to benefit from a completely new personal development. Concretely, the exchange of energies carried out between the masseuse and the person receiving the Tantra massage makes it possible for the client to feel better with his body and to enjoy a better serenity in the everyday life. Finally, one can choose a Tantra massage when one appreciates the philosophy and the spirit of this real art of living, inspired by Tantra.

Succeed in getting in touch with your intimate emotions

Tantra massage helps to escape from the totally physical plane – in order to better discover your emotions. All movements are designed to help the abandonment, to cause the most total letting go: this initiative allows to circulate the energy at best throughout the body, to bring about a perfect communion between the body and the mind .

To achieve a perfect Tantra massage, it is strongly recommended the use of an oil that will contribute to a perfectly relaxation and more receptivity to different manipulations: the rhythm of kneading, light pressure and effleurages. Relaxation will gradually install. Slowly and gently, the masseuse locates the chakras, main points of energy. She also encourages the client to breathe deeply, to be more sensitive to the benefit.

The many benefits of Tantra massage

Thanks to the sensuality of its manipulations, Tantra massage is defined as an ideal technique in order to have a better awareness of one’s own body, by eliminating all the harmful forms of mental control. Thus, through this effective method, the individual gradually moves away from his automatic behaviors of everyday life.

A spiritual experience for both men and women

Everyone can benefit from a Tantra massage: men and women are, in an identical way, able to feel the benefits of this totally spiritual practice. It is estimated that, in the Tantra tradition, manipulations awaken inspiration in women and vital forces in men.