Advanced key to legendary manliness? – part II

How to make a testicle massage

An excellent testicle massage must follow the next 3 steps.


First step

The first step in testicle massage is meant to thoroughly relax the area and stimulate blood circulation. In order to do so, place a warm towel on your genitals or have a warm shower. This first step is complementary with the final one, which will be cooling down the temperature of your testicles with cold water. This step is very important and must never be skipped, for heat in the genital area (40C° or more) is one of the causes for infertility.

The second step

For the second step, get some natural oil or moisturiser and massage the general area of the scrotum and testes. Do it as you find is best for you. It should feel relaxing, stress-releaving, pleasurable and revigorating. Next, massage the area between your testes, placing your index in the back and your thumb in front of your scrotum, at the base, right in between. Squeeze hard enough, but without causing any disconfort, and slide down.

Continuously steps

Repeat the movement as much as you feel like.

Now take both testes in one hand with a firm grip and pull slowly up and down, each time to a full stretch. This is beneficial to the urinary system and makes your jewels hang lower. Again, this movement should be pleasant; if you feel any pain, you’re squeezing or pulling too hard.

The final step

The final maneuver before cooling down with hot water is the most effective for the testosterone production increase. Wrap your index and thumb around the base of your sack , squeeze and pull down. None of this should be any bit painful if performed adequately. Repeat this movement as much as you like; it is highly stimulating and reinvigorating for your testicles for is brings extra blood flow to the area. In the end, cool down by dipping your testes in cold water or ice (you can also use the shower if you prefer). Cold temperature is stimulating and regenerating for this part of the body, making it strong and vigorous.


What to expect

These are the main testicle massage techniques. Except for the warming and cooling steps which should always be performed at the beginning and end of the session, you may perform the rest in any order you prefer. You will notice satisfying effects even if you only do it 3-4 times per week for 10 minutes, but it is, of course, more effective if performed daily.

Practice makes perfect. In this case, perfectly masculine. The best testicle massage ever done before!

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