Of course all men want to be legendary, mind-blowing lovers and, of course, many of them are not. Why? Because most don’t know how simple it is.

This is not one of those “quick trick” articles, not one of those “better sex in 3 days” pieces. This is based on a simple scientific (both biological and psychological) fact.


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And yes, there are “right” and “wrong” ways of breathing, even though breathing is an innate reflex. Sportsmen know the difference, for instance. But most of them haven’t figured out either how to use it in their erotic experiences.

Fact is: by controling your breathing you can also control your sexual functions, that is, you can avoid cumming in order to prolonge her pleasure and yours. No more 3-5 minute sex. No hearing “Is that all?” or “Already?” when you’re done. No wondering whether she liked it, you’ll know she loved it. How? With a bit of practice you will be able to go for half an hour, an hour and even more, giving her all the time she needs for the multiple orgasms women are famous for.

We know it’s hard to believe, but here’s how it works. The ejaculation reflex is triggered when you’re whole being is tensed and you want and need to explode. Therefore, keeping your body relaxed is a key to control and avoid cumming.

Wait for it, there is more detailed explanation. In psychology, this is already a proven and well known fact: not only do our emotions, moods and feelings influence our body, but also our body can determine the emotions and moods we experience. Just as emotions have physiological effects (heart rate, breathing rythm and depth, sweating), specific micro expressions and body postures (for example, when sad, we bring our shoulders foreward, crooking our back and keeping our head down), also, breathing in a certain way or consciously choosing a certain posture will change our mood. Smiling will make us feel happier. Keeping our back straight will make us feel more confident, optimistic, dignified. And taking deep breaths will relax us.

What does this have to do with sex? Being relaxed gives you control over what’s going on in your body and allows a state of expansion which, as you’ll see, allows the pleasure to flood your whole being. There are several benefits to controled breathing during intercourse. One of them is that, just as it does in sports, breathing deeply and rythmically enables you to make all the physical effort required to move fast and strongly for a long time, so that you can fully manifest your passion. Another one is that it keeps you focussed in a certain way that will allow you to notice what is going on in your body (and in your soul), you will be more aware of how the pleasure rises and you will be more empathetic with your partner. Thus, it will be easier for you to know just how she wants it and just when you need to add some tenderness to your passion. Also, relaxation correlates with expansion, just as tension does with contraction. This is a very essential erotic key, for being relaxed will automatically make you…many things: it will make you feel more free; feel happier; feel more carring and loving; it will make you the witness of her growing pleasure; it will make you able to experience your own pleasure in a new, overwhelming way.

When relaxed, instead of contracting the pleasure in your genitalia and losing it in a matter of seconds in the explosion of ejaculation, due to the expanding effects of relaxation, your pleasure will spread in your whole body. You will feel orgasmic shivers up your spine, in your finger tips, your whole brain will be flooded with long-lasting pleasure; because instead of exploding it outward, you will implode it inward, filling your whole being, experiencing it fully while remaining viril to share your lover’s multiple orgasms.

Now, the biological explanations; here’s a bit of neurology for you. The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems make up our vegetative nervous system. The sympathetic one is in charge of action, the parasympathetic one is in charge of conserving our energy and is correlated with relaxation. The two trigger various specific reflexes in our body, and the ones we are interested in here are erection and ejaculation. Maybe you didn’t know, but your brain and the rest of your nervous system manage these two differently: erection is the parasympathetic’s job, while the sympathetic is in charge of ejaculation. Why should you care?

By slowly and deeply breathing, you activate your parasympathetic system, which will help you be erect. If you breathe heavily, quickly and superficially, you activate your sympathetic system which will  (too) shortly end up in your ejaculation.

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Moreover, another bit of neurology we bet you didn’t know. The nervous centers in charge of orgasm and of ejaculation are actually different. You have one for orgasm, and another separate one for ejaculation. The two are situated quite close to each other, but they are distinct and they work separately. This means… YOU CAN HAVE MULTIPLE ORGAMS. Yes, without cumming and having to wait till you’re up and ready for the next one. How is this possible?

Breathe deeply. Relax. Make love and let the pleasure grow, let it grow till you’re almost almost there. And stop. Just don’t move, and see what happens. If you got close enough, your orgasm nervous centre will activate, but the ejaculation one won’t. You will experience you orgasm without cumming and will afterwards be perfectly able to go on and continue till you get extremely close to your second orgasm, stop for a bit, let it trigger, enjoy it in your whole body and then move one to your next one and so on…

If you are more interested about this, about better breathing and so on don’t hesitate to contact us for a reservation of oriental massage or, why not, an erotic massage close to your location….