Nowadays, men think that orgasm means to ejaculate. But things are not like that! Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate moments. Stopping ejaculation and redirect sexual energy in the head by practicing sexual continence methods has no negative effect, only benefits.

Let’s think first about all the things that we want very much although sooner or later they harm us. If you eat too much sugar (which is very unhealthy) and no honey, you will gain weight, and blood sugar will reach astronomical values. If you still drink alcohol or smoke, the heart and other organs are gradually affected. If you eat meat, the body will continue to be intoxicated and premature old age or other diseases will soon be manifested.

Going on Taoist tradition we see that experiences made with sexual continence (in order to sublime this fabulous potential in higher forms of energy) both for men and women are better. A group of British doctors found that this experience (sex) that makes us so excited is not bad, but in addition, helps us to look great physically and to feel wonderful, full of happiness, strong and balanced. If you need more strong scientific arguments, we present you a list of benefits of practicing sex without ejaculation:

  1. Sexual Continence quickly removes stress. Hormones produced during sex are almost impossible to maintain a state of stress. The effect lasts as long as those hormones remain in the system (up to several days). Stress can reinstall once again, gradually, when hormone level decrease.
  1. If you don’t ejaculate, you can have a better sleep! Physical and emotional effort during the euphoric sex can generate a deep and healthy sleep, especially if you’ve got an orgasm without ejaculation. During foreplay and intercourse, blood concentration occurs in the tissue of sexual organs and muscles. Muscle relaxation and blood flux occurring after an intercourse without ejaculation, are producing a deep and healthy sleep.
  1. Stay young! Lack of sexual activities that require sexual organs can “damage” them gradually, especially when you get old. For men there is a decrease of the libido and a decrease of vital and erotic tone. They must know that in menopausal woman may have a hard vagina and a substantial reduction of natural lubrication. Research has shown that women who have a sexual life with continence, normal and regular, have a healthier vagina than those who have an irregular and unfulfilled sexual life.

4. Don’t ejaculate and have more confidence in you! Almost every man who regularly practices sexual  continence is certainly always in love with his girlfriend. The natural result is that the man will be truly on a  higher level. It  will be more attractive, stronger, happier and this will tremendously strengthen his confidence.

5. Self-image is improved. Sex without ejaculation stimulates more adrenaline production and other hormones that make skin appear brighter, elastic and younger. The same hormones stimulate the muscles to be strong.

6. Sexual Continence can influence emotional and mental levels in your relationship. When sexual interaction  between two beings is very good, mental and emotional relationship will follow the same path.

  1. You will live more if you don’t ejaculate! It is well known that married people live more than single people. Sex without ejaculation is one of the reasons that cause them a long and healthy life, if they practice. This is profoundly beneficial for physical, mental and physical health.
  1. You will have a healthy heart if you don’t ejaculate! During intercourse with continence heart rate and blood pressure greatly increases in a good way. Each orgasm without ejaculation that we get, we will gain maximum benefits for our cardio blood system. However, any level of sexual act without ejaculation is welcome. Also, sexual life without ejaculation maintains specific circulation to the genitals in a perfect healthy state.

We have here only the main benefits of sex without ejaculation. With practice, you can discover other wonderful effects. It only depends on you to find out