A benefit both for men and women – the erotic massage for women

In discussing a lot the benefits an erotic massage has for men, we don’t forget the ladies, also. Erotic massages are for women also and the benefits are for them. These kind of massages are at least as great as for the men, if not even more. The interesting part here is that we can consider men as indirect beneficiaries of the erotic massage for women, without joking at all. An extraordinary experience, a special and delicious time spent by a woman in a tantric massage will enchant not only her, but indirectly, her partner also, her lover or her husband.

We all know the saying: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Having the great experience of an erotic massage, the man himself can recommend it to his beloved, as he wants the best for her also, not only for him. And an erotic massage can sure be one of the best experience one may have in his spare time. Making the woman happy means increasing the happiness for the man, also.

Massage of the intimate parts in the case of women

The experience of the tantric massage can be as good for the woman as it is for the man. Of course there are a lot more men coming for erotic massage, but, in the same time, more and more women find out about it and are willing to try it without a second thought. And there is quit a big difference in the erotic massage applied to women. These differences are  when comparing it to the one applied to men.

Therefore in the erotic massage it is not recommended to work or even to touch the genitals of the men. Why? Because of the sexual control harder to maintain for men during the massage.


Their sexual energy is already focused, most of it, in this specific area, a difference from the women.

In their case, women are able to maintain easier the control over their sexual energies, all the time, not only during the tantric massage. This is why there isn’t the same possibility that the woman loose her sexual potential during the massage. Even if she experienced the intense pleasure in those moments and because of the awaken erotically energies. So for her, touching and gentle massaging her intimate parts is not only allowed, but even strongly recommended!

More than that, this kind of massage for the intimate parts has a great importance for harmonizing her energies. Although for releasing her tensions and for making her more aware of her sexual energy.


Benefits of erotic massage for women

Besides this great difference between the erotic massage for women and men, women may also benefit of the massage from men or women. In a conclusion a male guest will have his massage realized only by a woman, so by a masseuse.
All the other benefits that men have from the erotic massage will enchant women also. They too may enjoy the delight of a body-to-body-massage, the relaxation followed by the sensual touches, the therapeutically effects and the inner peace coming upon them step by step. In their case, a session of an erotic massage lasts for two hours instead of an hour and a half as it is for men and this is due to the half an hour given for the massage of the genital area.


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