In our Western culture, physical contact often remains taboo. However, we know today that our body needs to be touched to grow and that a massage provides a thousand times more well-being than a long speech.

A sensory journey to harmonize heart, spirit, body, and sensualize your life

Tantra massage, as an existential art, increases the presence of oneself and the other. It is a royal way to harmonize body, senses, emotions and mind. Above all, it makes it possible to supply oneself daily with practical and powerful tools to infuse desire, pleasure and sacredness into life. One of the keys to this unique massage is that it considers the body as a source of vital energy, the sexual energy located in the sacrum area. Through its techniques you can release the sexual energy and circulate it throughout your body. This practice also redefines our body feelings by expanding our sensitive areas for both men and women. It goes by the slowness, the rhythm, the touch, the delicacy.

This massage harmonizes in you the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine energies. You get to experience a state of letting go that helps you get rid of your armor. It calms the mind, unifies the body, activates your energy channels, it includes the mental body, the physical body, the emotional and spiritual body. You get to develop the opening of the heart and learn different types of touch, focus on perception on the sensorially of the moment, you communicate in coherence with your feelings, harmonize the body energies and balance your chakras.

What is a chakra?

Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. These wheels or vortexes (energy cones) receive, transform and distribute the subtle energy called prana, or chi. These currents of force-energy animate the human being at the levels of consciousness and psyche as well as the health of the body, because everything is linked. Each chakra plays a fundamental role on the whole of our nervous system and our physiology but also on our behavior. To live in harmony, all our chakras must be open and in synergy. The main ones are seven in number.

This unique type of massage is precisely intended to reconnect you to the sexual energy, to promote its free circulation in the body and to correct energy imbalances, factors of multiple symptoms. Tantra massage is a sensual massage. It is practiced on the naked body, with oil, by professional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage. It is done with respect for the body, that is seen as a whole, spiritual temple, and with gentle movements, delicate touches that are designed to awake your sexual energy and let it circulate freely in your body.

The purpose of this care is to harmonize the energy centers (the chakras), so that good vibrations circulate better in your body. Thus, you will feel better in your body, your mind and better in your everyday life.
Balancing and harmonizing your body energies with Tantra massage makes it possible to eliminate blockages, negative or bad thoughts, or at least to understand and manage them.